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This UV liquid resin is a great tool for so many crafts - simply squeeze a out a thin layer of resin, cure outside in the sunlight, and you'll have a crystal-clear hardened surface. It's great for beginners or crafters who aren't familiar with resin - it's a perfect place to start as it's easy to use! 

- Takes 5-30 minutes to cure in sunlight, depending on season, temperature, and thickness of resin. (It's best to start with a thin coat, and add more later if needed.)
- Use a toothpick to spread out a thin layer of resin
- Can also be cured with a UV light or lamp
- Use only in a well-ventilated area! Preferably, use only while wearing a respirator mask.
- Replace cap after each use, or it will dry out and become unusable. 

Size: 5g (About 0.18 oz) Mini tube, 1 piece per order.
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