Magic Rhinestone Pick Up Pencil - 2 pcs

Magic Rhinestone Pick Up Pencil - 2 pcs


This magic pick-up pencil is a must-have supply if you're working with rhinestones! No more struggling to get them where you need them. The pencil is just sticky enough, but not too much - it lets go of rhinestones when you need it to! Works much better than the pick-up tool I got at my local craft store.

If you're having a deco den party, make sure your guests have one of these. It's a must for getting rhinestones, pearls and small cabs onto phone cases neatly.

Pencils come unsharpened, but are very easy to sharpen with a standard sharpener - and if they ever lose their stickiness, simply sharpen them again to bring the stickiness back. :)

Be sure to check out our YouTube video, where we demonstrate how use use these pencils. :) http://youtu.be/fVtToKjq8Pw

Dimensions: Standard length pencil

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